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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the mother noticed bruises. james duffy iii and the because aide bailey were arrest investigated in a similar but a different investigation. duffy didn't care to chat but the police say he and bailey battered an 11-year-old student with autism on board a bus and caught on video. when parents put the children on a school bus it's with the understanding they will arrive safely and on time. regrettably the charges in these cases fall short of the expectations. they are planning to retrain all the bus drivers and bus aide in the art of proper restraint and behavior intervention. no small feat with 110,000 students riding the bus to and from class every day. >> that bus
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will be key for the prosecutors to prove criminal allegations in court. live at the school administration headquarters in falls church. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. larry: new information about a lake braddock secondary school teacher suspended after pulling hijab off a child's head. they issued a statement saying they didn't appear to act maliciously or intend to disrespected the beliefs but they did violate the policy and practices. the teacher will be back at school over the thanksgiving holiday. alison: students either left early or didn't have school at all. the busy travel time is winding down as the people reach the destinations. sam? >> this is a great story. thousands exited the check point behind me throughout the day. some rushed to the paggage claim. others ra
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get an uber but some were met with the big hugs and bigger smiles. >> it's the surprise she never saw coming. the best thanksgiving welcome anyone on the flight received. the scene is repeated. hug after hug. smile after smile. each person just as happy to be back. not just humans either. dogs, too. everyone is happy to be here. >> i'm grateful for the family and love. >> gloria came from texas to see her daughter. >> i was nervous and happy. >> her daughter forgot one thing and she may be grounded this weekend. i cleaned up. i tried to make sure things were straight. >> it's the effort that counts. this time mom will probably give a pass. at reagan national airport i'm sam sweeney, abc7
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>> what will the weather hold for the holiday? chief meteorologist bill kelly is tracking the forecast. walked in more than an hour ago. a crisp, fall afternoon. feels like it's time for turkey. >> it feels nice. total side bar here but in the southwest right now phoenix, palm springs, l.a. upper 80's and 90's. talk about not feeling like thanksgiving. i'll take this. >> so this is a map that shows some of the travel delays. look at this. zero across the board and that is due to weather conditions that are nice. it feels like it's 42. you want a coat this everything. 45 at 7:00. 44 at 8:00. 43 by 9:00. it does not account for the wind. we see the wind chills lower than that. there is the everything planner so good we show it to you twice. on thanksgiving 38 degrees. at 9:00. if you get up early,
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you are at or below freezing when you walk out. some of the cooler spots say the shenandoah valley down in 20's. 46 by 2:00 in the afternoon. down to 41 at 7:00. we will talk about the black friday forecast and the weekend in minutes. >> i saw you brought brussel sprouts. >> did you see that? >> i saw the post. those were interesting. in the natural habitat. alison: check it out on facebook. we are talking about the meal. the turkey and the stuffing. but maybe you forgot potatoes or the veggable or another big part of the thanksgiving meal. amy aubert joins us live from ruth's market in olney where shoppers are picking up the last-minute necessities. is it crowded, amy? >> it is absolutely is. for some it means coming out to get a big ticket item like the turkey. for others it could be something as little as a spice they forgot they needed. regardless,
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the crowds are coming out in waves. >> some are checking out with the full shopping carts. >> so this is the fourth trip shopping. >> others just an item or two. >> on the day before thanksgiving, these local chefs describe some stores as chaos. >> well, earlier in the day was frustration. i used to have hair. now i don't. >> but still it didn't keep them from getting some of the last minute essentials. >> i am making sweet potatoes. i wait until the last minute to make them. >> planning and shopping and preparations to keep everybody happy. >> they came out and they anticipated the crowds. >> i didn't think. you have to do it. >> the workers at the ruth's market in olney say they have been planning for the holiday week for months. describing the crowds as coming in waves. >> we have all lanes going. bagging and the backup and for people helping people to the cars. >> to the cars and back
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preparation. >> you think about the people you are cooking for. every minute of it feels like it's a blessing to get to do. >> now ruth's market plans to stay open until 9:00 tonight. this did have extended hours earlier in the week for those last minute thanksgiving shoppers. live in olney, amy aubert, abc7 news. jonathan: okay. one thing that might not be on the menu, politics. a new survey finding a third of americans dread talking politics this thanksgiving. only two in ten are eager to talk about the current events. how about this? politically divided families cut thanksgiving short by average of 25 minutes compared to 2015. >> up load your photos and click on see it, send it. >> moving to other news of
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day. new development in the sex assault case of the former team doctor for team usa. nassar pleading guilty to seven counts of thecil misconduct. 125 gymnasts say he assaulted them under the guise of the medical treatment. he is expected to be sen fenced to 25 years in prison. >> take a look at this photo. after interviewing him the police believe the 80-year-old may have sexually assaulted other girls over the years. >> another man says kevin spacey sexually assaulted him in london. it dates back to 2005. the theater recently received 20 complaints of the inappropriate behavior by spacey. >> i need to know if it's quiet
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>> we have a report. >> the latest lawmaker under fire is joe barton of texas who apologizedded for the graphic image of himself circulating on social media. he says he sent it to other adult women for whom he was pursuing a relationship separated by his wife. and john conyer the longest serving member of the house and the civil rights leader is now the subject of an ethics investigation. buzz feed reporting that he reached a settlement of $27,000 with a former employee who says he asked for the sexual favors. he expressly and vehemently denied the allegation. a second employee of conyers long-time scheduler alleged in a lawsuit
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assaulted her repeatedly. a cloud of controversy over al franken a second accuser speaking out publicly. telling abc news she felt violated when the photo was taken in 2010. >> he pulls me in to him and he moves the hand to my butt. >> a statement, senator franken said i feel badly that she came away feeling disrespected. >> right now the navy is searching for three people after a transport plane crashed near japan. on the way to the carrier when it went down.
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they are telling the sailors not to give up hope. it's been a week since it disappeared. >> video of a soldier defecting by running across the demilitarized zones. they found worms worms in his intestines one typically found only in dogs. >> a former serbian warlord guilty of genocide. the forces under his command killed 8,000 men and boys.
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>> they buried the victim in a shallow grave. they released photos of the jewelry and so far not able to identify him. >> we are on traffic watch. this is skytrak7. a live picture over the chesapeake bay bridge. we look at similar pictures but it looks like the same thing happening now. >> just ahead -- delays, cancellations. whatever. the travelers sing and dance away the airport blues. plus. >> i give away lots of money. for free. how the local group changes and saves lives with cold hard
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larry: skytrak7 is live over the chesapeake bay
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there is no accident there but there is a wind warning on bridge tonight. >> "7 on your side" is looking into whether the trade commission taking action against trip adviser. we have the latest. >> investigation reportedly found more than a dozen trip adviser users alleging review of the safety issue at some hotel that claim blackout after the drinking were deleted or never published at all. >> every day they would remove the post. >> she claims in 2010 she was
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they tried to warn others on the trip adviser. >> they blocked the i.p. address. >> then another guest claimed to be rained. she, too, tried to post to trip adviser and the reviews were rejected. >> i could have gone somewhere else. >> they used to have a "g" rated language policy that prompted a foreign moderator to delete the post.
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>> trip adviser tells me they have made several changes intended to provide the valuable safety information. now they have thousands on the website. >> delays are usually annoying for travelers over the holidays. but a group in canada made the most of it. they entertained the passengers. then the plane but about to board and another 30-minute delay announced so the instruments came out again! >> do you remember plains, trains and automobiles? >> somebody there saying wait, we have to board?
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delay. [cheering] >> there is a beautiful sunrise out there. isn't that nice? we got to 50 for the low. we are bow low it now. we have been as warm as 77 around cold as 12. how about that? in 1880. the temperatures in the upper 40's. the 48 will feel cooler than that. we have the winds that are blowing 10 to
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that. the feels like temperature plays a role. you are below freezing. we are feeling like 42 in d.c. and manassas. the wind chills in the upper 30's. we have clear conditions over the region. it will continue throughout the night. look at the rain. they are continuing to see the showers and snow on the back edge of that. i almost always on thanksgiving they are around the country with a major problem. the travel conditions have limited delays. this is not my cup of tea. the numbers are out
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control. the record is lower than that. it's 91 in san diego. the future casts are dry throughout the night and in the morning. thanksgiving is a chilly start in 20's and the 30's. wi don't have any issue whatsoever. the sun went down at 4:50. tomorrow the highs around 46, 47. friday is 54. the next few days are good. it's on the cool side. warming up saturday.
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the toys for tots are ten days from now and it is looking dry now. >> that event is cold. >> it is. >> a maryland tradition with a new lease on life. alison: plus. >> i give away a lot of money. i give away millions of money. i would like you to give away your money. >> all right! why this woman wants you to part ways with the hard earned cash. >> he is known to bring the project based learning to the library. meet virginia new library of the year coming up "spotlight on education". larry: but first a look at what comes up tonight on abc. alison: and a preview of tomorrow's "good morning washington." >> bundle up and how low temperatures
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thanksgiving day. for many celebrating thanksgiving can be a challenge and we have a look at how they are reaching out to those in need. >> wake up if us for traffic and weather every ten minutes on "good morning
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>> what you hear and see in the library -- isn't what you expect. >> this is cool and very fun. >> it's hard to believe that the library is more like an activity room. >> man behind it is an english teacher. >> wi want them to be excited about the space. >> he is regarded to bring the project based learning to the library. >> students are making their learning. >> they emphasize
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engineering and design. >> he is so much nicer. >> the virginia association of the school librarians named him librarian of the year. >> this to make the libraries interactive and personal. inviting spaces to attract the students and keep them coming back. >> all right. congrats to him. >> still ahead at 5:00, why the tax plan put a popular local tuition program on the chopping block. >> did you know there was an amish baker in kenilworth of d.c.? there is. we meet her next on
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>> despite the devastating fire a local family says they still have reason to be thankful this thanksgiving. >> i'm thankful for my mom and my family. >> i am thankm to come home and visit the
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"live d i'm nancy chen at the "live desk." we are following3 i'm nancy chen at the "live desk." we are following breaking news in the shooting. sean suiter was killed bits his own weapon and there is evidence there was a struggle. the commissioner is going on to say that suiter was scheduled to testify before a grand jury about an incident involving the police officers. alison: tonight you may be thinking about what you are thankful for. in d.c. stephen tschida spoke to a fire captain thankful for the ca
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>> the fire tore through the house nine days ago. two women trapped inside. >> the daughter is in critical condition. the tragedy is painful. >> for this to come home and sit in my lap. i couldn't imagine it happening this way. it sparked the fire and the mother ran to a door on the other side of the house and got out. the gate was locked and she didn't have a key. >> my sister is in a battle. >> he and his son are filled with gratitude. >> i'm thankful
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>> for the street, hope alone is something to be thankful for. larry: the non-profit invisible hand have helped random people overcome hardships. they found possibly with the college degree and he is struggling to get a promotion at work because of his face tattoo. when he was 16 his twin brother was murdered and he got tattoos in honor of his brother. now he wants them removed to better his life. >> just pick one or two things that you like. car, pay the bills or a job. two things? i want to the toos removed. i want to be there for my
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he is in line for the promotion. they are not looking for donation or the recipients and they simply want others to pay it forward. >> we had a young lady and her husband on "good morning washington" to hear the story. it's amazing. she won't say who the benefactor is or how many. won't say how many are on the committee. they want to do great things for people. >> they change their lives forever. >> it's amazing what they do. the story online and she broke down in tears saying she wouldn't be here. alison: good for them. anonymous. you know the cost of putting the thanksgiving meal on the table is the lowest in five years. we are paying $49.12 for a meal for ten. turkey cost
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16-point turkey will add up to $22.38. a three-point bag of sweet potatoes $3.52 and green beans is $1.53. >> many of us buy pies instead of making them ourselves. >> it's better than a candy store. it's her place. pies and peanut butter cream. the woman who baked them is busy the day before thanksgiving. >> i drive in to get the pies. >> i grew up in a horse and buggy amish. >> she moved to inner city d.c. 50 years ago as
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missionary. >> i have been baking cakes. i learned cooking from my mother who was the best. >> for her customers -- >> i can't make anything and i'm a good cook. >> italian cream, sweet potato pie. >> i bring it to the table. this is home. >> you make it yourself? >> don't tell nobody there. >> i have to admit i have been one of her customers for more years than i can remember. some years we take cakings like this for carry-on luggage for flights to the holidays in the midwest. that is pineapple coconut. good! >> i love meet
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i have the best clientele. they are all so nice and good. they bless me every day. larry: awesome. sam got shopping done. alison: i think he did! ulterior motive to the story. beautiful cake and pies. larry: taste just as good, too. share your photos of your thanksgiving meal with us. we would love to see them. click on the see it, send it and the abc7 news app. get there clicking on explore. >> i don't know. have you had burger cookies? larry: no. alison: they are delicious. our family favorite. we have new information in the fight to save maryland tradition. the makers of burger's cookies said in the past they didn't know if they could keep the flavor and eliminate trans fat to comply with maryland law but turns out they were already complying. the supplier dropped it from the
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makers of the burger's cookies didn't realize it. odds are you didn't either. thank goodness. larry: nice! exactly. i'll eat some more. alison: try them. larry: have to. kids want -- and adults, too -- cookies, cakes and treats. alison: still to come, find out a treat a father gave his daughter that brought a smile with no cavities. larry: coming up. also new at 6:00 -- >> i'm mike carter-conneen outside the kitchen of the four seasons hotel in georgetown. coming up, i will take you behind the scenes to show what it takes to pull off a huge thanksgiving male for the 500 firs
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bill: all right. get to the weekend outlook in a second but the hour-by-hour forecast. 47 at 6:00. 8:00 at 44. dropping to the low 40's. 39 degrees by midnight. wind chills will be less than that. grab the coat before heading out. quick sneak peek at the weekend. 58 on saturday. 49 on sunday. we have a c
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stray shower on saturday. the normal highs of 53. we are above on saturday and below on sunday. thanksgiving forecast coming
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larry: a parent's lo
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he donned a tutu. to see his 8-year-old smile walking in class made it worth it. alison: too cute. >> my daughter wouldn't like that. >> she would be embarrassed by anything you do. she is 16. >> all right. moving on now. prince george's county police headquarters looking more like santa's workshop today. they built boxes of toys for kids including hundreds of new bicycles. >> join us next saturday to help a child have a happy holiday.
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>> the shoppers got the best strategy on how to get the best deal. we have it coming up. >> the redskins gearing up for a prime thanksgiving matchup with the giants. the team might be down but they are not out. >> being here and being able to give back as well. >> life is good. the family is good. healthy is good. job is
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mac and 10 piece mcnuggets! they got em! get your fan favorites on the mcpick 2 menu. choose any two for just five bucks. they did it! unbelievable! ♪ let me get a mcpick 2 security for the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade will be tight. all intersections along the parade route will be blocked with the dozens of the trucks creating barriers there along the route. they have portable radiation detectors and the sharp shooters. >> today they are ready for the start. >> as the turkey digests a lot of people start to think about
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shopping? >> tom roussey is out there to get the skinny from the shoppers. >> this is a day for the grocery shopping. >> most of the time there is a coupon in the store. you can get a discount. >> online shopping has advantages. >> the black friday sales will start tomorrow. i go to amazon. >> but sometimes the best strategy is to forget and wait until closer to christmas. >> they might give you a better deal. >> she likes to
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small businesses searching for deals using -- >> instagram and website. normally i buy earrings and crafts and i check out the pages that i follow on instagram. >> i hate stores. >> you will avoid them? >> yes. >> the strategy is to stay home and eat turkey? >> yeah. >> in years past people would pitch a tent. but this time check it out. chairs and nobody is sitting in them and there are no tent. maybe the strategy is not as popular as it used to be. reporting live in the bailey crossroads, tom roussey, abc7 news. alison: maybe your strategy is head to the bay bridge. look at this. oh, man!
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it is a mess. there is no accident. this is holiday traffic and a wind warning. >> you have been warned. >> combination for the slow moving traffic. no question. >> republicans have a cut to the tuition grant program. it hes helped the 26,000 people pay for college since created in 1999. a spending bill cut the federal government contribution to the program. >> the bump up we got from obama, the republicans have taken down. there is still enough money for every d.c. tag student going to college in february or september. who is in college right now. >> a spending bill passed by the house makes similar cuts. the critics argue the program didn't live up to the expectations and say the district can make up for an
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>> apparently only 84% of the people in backseat say they wear their seat belts. >> the insurance institute releasing the images to encourage people to bucklal up in the taxi, uber and the lift. >> covering red line tonight it will close on saturday. >> i walked in and i brought a mini umbrella just in case. i don't need it. it will be okay. >> the umbrella, you could have left it at home. no problem.
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with the big storms i don't see any. tracking wind from 10 to 20. there are spots that are more than that. the feels like are lower. 48 in d.c. 43 in leesburg. winchester at 36. this is what you need to dress for tonight. 27 in winchester. cumberland. you are below freezing. 42 right now. we had showers that rolled in earlier. this is up in new england. it's a huge dome of the high pressure over our region.
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the weather is really nice. 44 by 8:00. tomorrow should be beautiful and chilly. sunday is 49. but dry through the weekend. >> the moment they jump from the plane. they will be part of the pre-game festivities tomorrow. at fedex field. >> we need to put the wins behind us. >> we need a win for the redskins. definitely tomorrow against the new york giants. >> the washington redskins reached the point of no return.
5:52 pm
lose any more players. >> the redskins will hit the field in 24 hours. >> we are on the ropes. we are. we haven't got a win in a long time. we got to get a win. >> getting it is easier said than done. washington continues to be plagued by the injuries. you losing running back chris thompson and wide receiver terrell pryor and two more linemen for the season this week alone. >> batter and and bruised and the players are showing frustration. >> a thursday nigh
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>> but they know they have to keep fighting. >> this is not for the weak minded people. >> the silver lining is they face one team with a .500 record. the dialing cowboys without elliott serving a six game suspension. six in a row or we don't go. it starts at fedex field. >> what more sold you want? >> if you want to make the playoffs you have to run the table. they are not still g
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playoff spot. >> step number one tomorrow night. >> the pregnant reigniting the debate about the nfl players and the national anthem. >> what he is saying now when we come back. >> hi, i'm avery and i'm thankful for this break. college can be
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nfl has taken hard hits over the players kneeling. >> it's a controversy that won't go away. some players are taking a knee in the national anthem.
5:58 pm
trump greeted with a tweet saying that is almost as bad as kneeling. when will the highly paid commissioner get tough and smart. >> this is disrespectful. i think they should stand like a good american that they should be. >> it never really bothered me until it became a culture war. then it starts to be an issue. >> but there are those who say a right to protest and the reason for it must be respected. >> that's what they should address. >> you could have an altercation with the police. it's real. >> it would be respectful if they stand for the anthem but the constitution allows them to do whatev
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on thanksgiving there are three nfl games and including the first time the redskins at home. the game generating so little interest tickets can be had for $20. michelle: this is the bay bridge but tonight the police have more on their mind than traffic jams. jonathan: moment to experience with us. reunion after the rush. >> i told yore you will not be doing this assignment. >> the school project can children in tears as they had to pick the classmates they would let die. larry: fighting back against what is dubbed requesting blackout wednesday." this one of the deadliest days
6:00 pm
michelle: we have a firsthand view of how the police fight back to keep you safe. >> first you pass the sweet potatoes they are making sure that you don't go past the speed limit. >> it's 55. >> we stopped a driver on 495 in prince george's county. >> the reason for speeding got out her out of a ticket. >> i thought it was 65. >> she got off 95 where the speed limit is 65. sergeant smith wrote a warning hoping she slows down. >> it is 55 not 65. we went on a ride along to call what they called the stepped up enforcement. >> there are significantly declined.


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